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Donating real estate to the Flight Republic Property Container Homes (F.R.P.C.H) is a great way to support our mission to improve disadvantaged communities by offering housing, with tools necessary to empower them to overcome their socioeconomic status. Through education, and literature, life skills, that are conducive to living healthy and productive lifestyles. Help us with the Lower & Middle class American in our communities neighborhood with New developing by offering them housing. We build and manage low and moderate-income level housing such as tiny homes, and shipping container homes, Elderly, veterans, Transitional Housing for inmates With the The Second Chance Act of 2007, with People with Disabilities, families with children, physical and mental Alaska Native Communities, including decent housing, a suitable living environment, and economic opportunities, primarily for low and moderate income persons. Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) Program and showing the future youth On giving before receiving. By helping Us up lift the value back into our communities, with the life skills and the tools necessary to Empower to overcome the socioeconomic status. with emergency shelter for the homeless, Healthy, affordable homes are fundamental to community well-being. Toward the goal of healthy homes and thriving communities for all in St. Louis County, So when you donate, this is what you're donating to towards a tiny home, or a shipping container..

F.R.P.C.H partners with Giving Property to process real estate donations to benefit F.R.P.C.H and the community we serve. Our program takes any property type (land, homes, commercial) in any location so long as there is equity. Even if you owe back taxes, have a mortgage balance or have deferred maintenance, it's no problem. We will pay off all loans, liens, commissions owed and all closing costs. If you have a real estate asset that is costing you money or not being utilized, donating it is a great way to give back. You may even claim a significant tax deduction!

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