WTTW is the best place for our viewers in Chicago and beyond to find their favorite PBS programs. We are home to television that educates and entertains, with local content representing Chicagoans’ diverse experiences and views. Your real estate donation supports our work both on-air and in our community as we share the stories of our region.

We are committed to producing and presenting trusted, best-in-class content fueled by a distinctly Chicago sensibility. WTTW engages our audiences by entertaining, inspiring, educating, and reflecting a diversity of perspectives

WTTW partners with Giving Property to process real estate donations to benefit WTTW and the community we serve. Our program takes any property type (land, homes, commercial) in any location so long as there is equity. Even if you owe back taxes, have a mortgage balance or have deferred maintenance, it's no problem. We will pay off all loans, liens, commissions owed and all closing costs. If you have a real estate asset that is costing you money or not being utilized, donating it is a great way to give back. You may even claim a significant tax deduction!

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